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Are you excited about Spielberg 's attempt at making the Tintin movie? To be honest, I'm not. Not even a bit. I think Tintin is definitely one of those characters that simply cannot be adapted in a movie. He can only exist in a 2D world, and any attempt at bringing it to live action will just ruin it. (even the finest crafted statue of Tintin doesn't look remotely like the drawings, let alone a real person). How on earth can you cast real people as the characters?

crab with the golden claws - 1947

It had already been proven, and all previous attempts at making a Tintin movie have been miserable. (Read about them and watch some clips here)

Anyway, but since they're making it anyway, there's no use nagging. I just hope they do a decent job of it. The last I heard the script was approved by Herge Foundation, and there were even talks of casting Tom Hanks as Captain Haddock (!!!!!!!). I think it would be ridiculous if they cast actors who are not themselves Tintin fans for the roles. How on earth can they capture the essence of the characters if they have not grown up with the stories?

But I really liked the Ellipse-Nelvana animated series and I thought they did an excellent job - both in terms of animation and staying true to the stories. I wish instead of a live action movie, Spielberg would have made a feature length kick-ass animation. Share you thoughts about this in the comments.

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totally agree that Tintin only lives in 2D... even tintin figurines are not perfect because the roundness of his head quits being subtle to turn quite obvious... I even got got confused with the game for Playstation, because it was 3D... and it didn't seem Tintin anymore...

About the cast, I think they should pick good actors but not known. Tom Hanks is already too much famous... actors that aren't known could stick more to the roles and be linked with them... We've seen Tom Hanks too many times before...we'll never think of him as totally Captain Haddock. We'll always remember Forrest Gump, Cast Away...

Posted by: cesco at July 17, 2004 02:43 AM
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