Real life Tintin?

This is sort of bizarre, but apparently there is a TV personality in Philippines who'se name is Tintin ! And apparently she is really famous.

A lot of times when I search for Tintin on the web I come across articles about her. Her name is Tintin Bersola, and there's a lot of news articles out there about her recent marriage to a fellow called Julius Babao. Hmmm, Tintin and Julius !

How can a girl be named Tintin? Anyway, I didn't really bother to read all the articles and try to discover whether the inspiration came from Herge's Tintin or somewhere else.

If anyone knows, do enlighten us.

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Pendar jan,

congrad. on this site. I liked it a lot. visit me once in while if you get a chance.

take care,

Posted by: Alireza at July 24, 2004 07:17 PM
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